Impact to date

We started our structured volunteering programmes in 2012, and since then our partners at Secure have volunteered over ___ hours to the community. Through this time, we’ve been able to plant ____ trees and run ____ sessions with kids in Udaipur.

This community impact is powerful, especially when we see the personal and business benefits that it has brought. Over 75% of volunteers felt that volunteering significantly increased their commitment to the Secure brand and 86% felt that the skills they learnt whilst volunteering helped them at work.

In the words of the Ananya Singhal (Chief- Services, People, Communications and Infrastructure)

“We mandate community engagement as a part of what we do as an organization. It’s an inherent part of our existence, the same way we mandate financial good practice and high-quality manufacturing, design and everything else. It has the part of the same arc and therefore mandating working in society is incredibly useful… it creates a connection of the team with the community and given that our products and services are used in the community.

I’m sure it will also be giving insights to our people in terms of other viewpoints, so the business sees an immense benefit not just in terms of knowledge about community but a sense of wellbeing which is important and that then again feeds into our culture, a sense of change in possible. So, all of these things are incredibly positive drivers for us.

Why volunteer

Wondering how to create a team that keeps learning and is super-connected?

Learning and adaptability are the difference between a great business from an ok one. In today’s world, how fast you learn determines how far you can go, and that’s as true for your business as for your kids.

And that is exactly what Dharohar is about – supporting your team to learn as they teach the kids in your community.

We design programmes that teach kids key life skills, such as empathy, critical thinking and self-expression. As volunteers work with students on these, they develop their own arsenal – learning to mediate conflict, speak in public, and develop others amongst other key skills needed to succeed at work.

These volunteers bring back their experience to your business with a deep-lived experience of these skills, feeling more connected to each other, and to the community. Active listening learned by actually doing it, and seeing others struggle with it. This learning lasts far longer than any classroom session. For public speaking, if I can hold the attention of a group of 15-year-olds with confidence, a board room will be a walk in the park.

So as you develop your current team, you’re also strengthening your talent pipeline for the future. The kids your team develops today will be the star performers you hire tomorrow.

Don’t believe us – check out these stories from some of our volunteers.

What can your team learn?
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