Art across the world

Art across the world was born out of a need to see the world when we couldn’t leave home during lockdown. We hoped that exploring art from across the world with people we didn’t know would help us see how connected we are and also express our own feelings.

We created a series of six sessions, where we explored a different art form and culture in each. We travelled from Maharashtra with their beautiful Warli murals to west Africa, Australia, Europe, and America. In each session we understood a bit more about another culture and ourselves.

After our first set of sessions with kids in lockdown, we trained volunteers to run these sessions with children attending virtual school. We can’t wait to run these workshops in person soon!

We loved seeing how kids related these different art forms to their life and interests, and shared their experience and beautiful art with everyone.


In an increasingly polarised world, we must be able to evaluate arguments, listen empathetically and articulate our own views. By learning a version of British Parliamentary debate, we will build these skills in volunteers and students.

This programme will help students and volunteers engage more deeply with each other and take responsibility for their views. It will also teach them how to listen well which is a foundation stone for self-learning.

We work with students in class 7 and 8 as they are starting to form opinions about how the world is and how it works. At this stage we can teach them to think well, question wisely, and most important, to listen carefully.