“Everything! I just moved to Udaipur from Jaipur and have been feeling a little lonely. This space seems like a good place to come and enjoy my time after office hours and during weekends.”


“I came here for the first time, got to know it’s the area where I played some games which we used to play when we had time, it was fun coming here, volunteers here are very nice, they explained very nicely about this initiative of third space ‘a happy place’.
I’m planning to come here with my friends. Thanks for the nice things you’re doing.

Dushyant Ameta

“I like the peace, which I get here and the calmness which allows me to explore new ideas. My friend and I tried to make a dream catcher and we enjoyed it. The third space as a concept to give me time is really worthy. I love third space.”

Mudita Tater

“I tried a science experiment Or Investigation regarding the strength of thread. I enjoyed the activity and also tried the elasticity of thread. Try these experiments and have lots of fun. This activity I only saw in my books but today I tried it. They are so interesting – Thank you!”

Kislay Labana

“It’s a fantastic place to visit.. It’s a cute activity place where we can sit for hours and do whatever we Want to! I visited it for the first time and I was quite fascinated by it!”

Mansi Dungarwal