Art and craft station

There’s an artist in each one of us, it may not be a really great one but there isn’t any right or wrong in art. We want you guys to exploitation our supplies and use them to make art (without worrying if it’s beautiful or good enough or perfect). And we keep introducing new techniques and activities with each theme.

For some people art is relaxing, you don’t have to be good to feel relaxed, just expressing yourself feels good.

Investigation station

We humans didn’t make it this far without investigating. Scientists are the obvious example of helping human advance using this, but it’s not just them. Everyone does this in different areas of their lives. We try different methods, materials, techniques just to understand how one thing works.

That’s what our investigation station sparks in you. It makes you observe, think, try and figure out various versions of one thing. Exploring possibilities of an object – the things it can do, the things it can be.


We have a small library with comfortable nooks and ‘Khopchas’ for you to sit comfortably and enjoy our book collection. We have a few all-time classics as well as some new books that you might love to explore.

And if you think something might be a good fit for us, you can add a suggestion in the library. We also have board games in here, for when you just want to have some fun!