Khoj programme

Khoj inspires students to build their confidence with science.

There is so much to see and understand in the world. And that’s what Khoj is about – learning to think like a scientist. We want students to feel like they can make sense of things themselves by looking, asking, testing and understanding rather than waiting for someone to teach them.

We use interactive experiments to teach students to ask great questions and build understanding, whilst discovering the fundamentals of science for themselves. As we work with classes 4 to 6, students encounter these principles with us before they appear in textbooks. This experience supports their academic learning when they do come up, and also hopefully sparks a lifelong curiosity and love for science!

LATTU worksheets

Science can happen anywhere and, LATTU sheets let kids think like a scientist without leaving the house. Whilst schools are shut, kids can keep learning, have fun and become independent. Our volunteers have created sheets that lead a child through an investigation, using these simple steps:

Look – Look closely and see what is happening.

Ask – Ask a simple question “what happens if…” Make a prediction or a guess.

Test – Test something out to see what you can learn about your question.

Think – Look at the results of your test – think carefully about your question.

Understand – Understanding something about what is happening.

All our experiments are safe for kids to do on their own and can be done with things found around the house. We hope that by doing these, kids will build the confidence and skills to test their ideas and learn from themselves.

If you are interested, check out a sample here: Hindi / English
If you’d like to use these sheets with your child, get in touch, contact no: +91 91191 35553

Wow show programme

Wow shows are about seeing the wonder in daily life and realising that there is science in everything. We use the LATTU method to explore and understand these amazing things. But how? Imagine a magic show but based on science not sleight of hand!
Volunteers pick up a theme (eg. light and optics), find amazing demonstrations that will get kids thinking. We structure these demos so that in each case volunteers can get students to look at the materials, ask a question and then the volunteer can do a test and help students think about the answer. This leads to new understanding. And this leads to a new demo and new cycle of LATTU.
Within a year, we run 4 to 5 shows in each class, working with students in class 4 and 5. They get an introduction to scientific thinking whilst volunteers develop their public speaking skills.
The aim of each show is to get students and volunteers saying “wow!” so they become curious and keep exploring even after the programme is done.