Vol. story 2

Persistence pays off! 

A few years back, in Udaipur, UIT built a park by the Ayad River, near Syphon chaurah. While the space was there, it needed to be developed. Even after a year, it remained a dry, treeless plot of land. There was no road that made the park accessible to people of Navratna Complex nearby. So, naturally it was neglected. 

The park’s fate seemed to be in the dark. I realised I couldn’t wait for someone to come and save it. Change begins with one person, so I decided to become that person.  

I am a part of an NGO named Indiegenius, and we were already cleaning the Ayad River in the area. That’s when we discovered this 1 lakh sq. ft. of land that was supposed to be a park,  and thought of doing something about it.  

We approached UIT for permission. Once they gave a go ahead, we hired a JCB backhoe loader (digger) to clean the space up.  

More than 500 trees were planted by us in the first year of the park’s renovation. But around 150 plants dried out and died or were eaten by stray animals. To tackle that, we used the thorny bushes on its border to keep the animals out.  

Another barrier in park’s survival was zero supply of water. So, we installed a tube well that pumps water from the Ayad River. We wanted people from Navratna Complex to support the initiative. But no one was showing up. Then UIT built a dirt road, now people can visit the park.  

We contacted the secretaries of the Navratna Complex and made a Whatsapp group consisting of people from the buildings. Sustaining this project financially was a tough job. One donor dug the bore well and another installed the pipeline for water supply.  

Now, several people come and visit the park. One day, one of our Whatsapp group contacts, who works at Secure came to the park. I asked him if he knew someone who could provide us trees for the park. He told us about 10 lakh vriksh and connected us to the team. We talked to them and Dharohar gave us 202 trees. 

Persistence, good intention and working with others has kept this project alive despite the struggles it went through. Hopefully, this will keep going and the park will become an attraction for everyone.